Karsan Global

After 12 years of experiences, we do believe trading partners are involving our benefits, and besides, supplies are being executed to foreign markets including Afghanistan, China, Syria, India, other Gulf States as well as Caspian marginal countries and ETC.
After a few years, parallel to enhance product development and accessing the new markets, The company seeks to acquire the customer’s satisfaction, benefiting from Iranian producers, in order to be able of responding, increasing of customer’s needs and requests.
This company during its tenure has been most successful supplier of:

  • •   Gasoline                                   •   RPO
  • •   Bitumen (All grades)              •   Base Oil
  • •   Tar Paper                                 •   Engine Oil
  • •   Vaseline                                   •   White Spirit
  • •   Paraffin                                    •   Solvent
  • •   Slack Wax                                •   Raffinat
  • •   Lubricant                                 •   MC160
  • •   Other Oil Derivatives